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CaseStudy #1

Company Overview

Wealthcare is a specialist online financial planning company set up by entrepreneurs with Private Banking background to provide a professional platform of the systematic investment plan and Private Wealth Management services. Being a leading financial planner in Delhi, their goal is to put a focus on clients by maximizing their after-tax investment return while developing investment Solutions appropriate to their risk tolerance, rendering personalized services and adding value to clients all investments by providing cutting-edge technology features.

The Story/ Challenge

Being a financial planning company, the marketing strategy seems to be different when compared to other industries. However, the client has made incredible research on online marketing but ended up generating quite a few sales leads.

Each of our clients faces unique challenges and those challenges lead us to determine how our Search Engine Optimization efforts could push them to the next level. To help grow their business as a certified financial planner in Delhi, they have done a tremendous job on their own. At the time when we have undertaken the SEO charge of the website, the site seems to be in need of multiple improvements. The improvements need to be implemented in areas such as content optimization, keywords placement/optimization, website structure optimization, image optimization, and many others.

The traffic generated from the website is very low as the business unable to find new sales leads. Being the leading SEO company in Pune, our main challenge is to deliver the dedicated traffic towards the website to convert them as quality leads. That’s why we have chosen to develop an encompassing SEO strategy for the firm including all On-page, Off-page and other vital strategies.

The Strategy

A perfect strategy implemented in business definitely results in a perfect outcome. Keeping that in mind, we have developed an ideal strategy to help the business to create an impact in the online world. As the leading SEO company in Pune, our key strategy includes:

  • Made deep research on keywords which drives traffic in their specific industry.
  • We have made sure that our client’s updated information on the current website is optimized in terms of content, keyword optimization, and others.
  • Developed the best on-page strategy and user intent and optimized all pages on the website accordingly.
  • Made deep research on their competitors to get some of the vital inputs.
  • Optimized contents in each and every web page by creating awesome contents which go well according to their services and keywords finalized.
  • Once we have worked through all the major requirements, we launched an aggressive link building campaign including reaching out to key influencers, collaborating with news outlets, and producing regular press releases.

This unique approach helped us to show our clients impressive organic traffic towards their business in a short span of time.

Long-term Results

With the implementation of all the vital strategies that we have developed, here comes the most awaiting part of our SEO strategy. The above strategies helped us to gain a huge number of organic traffic which helped our client to close more leads and sales.

Here is the list of keywords which we have ranked in the search engine for the website:

Search Engine Ranked Keywords

  • Online financial Planning company
  • Financial Planner in Delhi
  • Systematic Investments Plan
  • SIP Wealth Management
  • Financial Planning Company
  • Financial advisor In Delhi
  • Certified Financial Planner in Delhi


With our optimal strategy of work, Wealthcare has been able to achieve double and triple-digit gains in a short period. No matter how successful we are, we know there is always a room for improvements and we are marching towards it to make our client enjoy an incomparable return on investment. This unique strategy and our workflow made our company as one of the trusted and leading SEO company in Pune and we look forward to years more of this massive success.