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Cold Calling Marketing

We know how important it is for any company to make an impactful online presence. We at Edigibrands have a pool of skilled professionals to harness the web technology to help you grow your business in the most appropriate way. But that does not mean that we ignore the 2nd most effective B2B lead generation technique needed by businesses. We know that it is never an easy task to convince the cold call leads, but that is why we are there to help our clients take a thoughtful approach and use scripted prompts to keep the target on the phone and convince them to buy products and services.

We help our clients to outperform their competitors with effective Cold Calling strategies and practices!

The arena of marketing and sales has evolved very fast, yet cold calling remains one of the most useful lead generation strategies. More than 50% of people prefer to be contacted over the phone before making their decision about the product or goods. Around 50% of the buyers approach the business that made the first move to reach them. We know that cold calling is still beneficial to businesses, so we are here to help our clients to harvest the benefits of cold calling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cold calling is also a proven business strategy that can boost sales to a great extent. Cold calling is challenging, but with a lot of research and planning, it is a beneficial and effective way to generate Business to Business leads. If done rightly, cold calling can increase the number of prospective buyers, appointments, and boost sales.
Depending on the telemarketing services your company choose, the charge for cold calling services vary. It costs $12-$20 per hour if your company chooses an offshore telemarketing company.
Cold calling is an essential B2B marketing strategy. It offers an opportunity for the company to introduce the brand to the potential buyer. When done strategically, it leaves a positive impact on the minds of prospective buyers. It increases the chances of future sales.

There are some best practices for cold calling. You have to be comfortable while calling. You must close the calls. While calling, you must note down the main points of the conversation. Cold calls made to people who are not prospective customers are a waste of time, money, and effort. So, it is important to know the target audience. A cold call will end successfully if the prospect is researched well and the conversation is customer-centric.

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