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Facebook Ads

It has been determined that social media is the most successful digital advertising platform for increasing clicks, impressions, and conversions. In certain circumstances, Facebook is seven times less expensive compared to the following most cost social media advertising medium.

Edigibrands is here to assist you in locating your social contacts. Utilizing our Facebook advertising tool, you may spread your message, increase your likes, and boost the sales of your products.

How do Facebook advertisements work?

Facebook advertising now comes in a variety of formats. You may advertise your Page, Page content, user activity, and your website itself. You may still successfully direct consumers to your website despite Facebook's increased emphasis on native advertisements and retaining traffic on its site.

In addition to photos, videos, Instant Experiences, carousels (multiple images), and collections, there are several ad forms available.

Facebook advertisements target users with their demographic information, location, and profile details. Numerous of these choices are exclusive to Facebook.

Other Facebook ad alternatives are wonderful for boosting engagement and brand recognition. However, advertisements that drive people off-site remain the best choice for direct reply advertisers hoping to generate a sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are boosted posts, video ads, image carousels, and much more.
You can choose people based on their location, gender, age, interests, connections, languages, status in a relationship, education, jobs, and places they work.
Yes, this lets you reach people who have been to your webpage before but haven’t made a purchase yet.
Facebook is one of the world’s largest social media networks; thus, advertising on this site might be a profitable investment. With a simple design platform, Edigibrands enables marketers to produce stunning, one-of-a-kind commercials. We create ads that match your brand, goods, and services. Also, you can manage and run Facebook advertising from a single spot. If your store is also linked to Edigibrands, we can assist you in keeping track of consumers acquired, income generated, and ad-driven purchases.

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