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Cold Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is not about drafting a mail, getting a contact list of your prospects, and clicking on the send button. Invariably you will face privacy issues, technical glitches, permission boundaries, and keeping track of bulk mail you sent. This is where we come in!

We understand that your ultimate goal is to improve your business revenue, build effective customer relationships and put more and more customers in the sales funnel for sales. The email campaign of our in-house team comprises your brand name and your product and services. This information is sent directly to your target audience in their inbox, and everything is done at competitive rates. We also provide a database to our clients as per their audience category.

Frequently Asked Questions

The biggest reason for the popularity of cold marketing is you can get quality leads that will be interested in availing your services. Thus your sales team can easily nurture them to make them customers.
Your sales team may or may not be able to convince the prospects for sales. Our team can do this work for you. We know how to make effective email campaigns, interact positively with your prospects and convince them for sales. Our team gets in touch with many prospects at a time and picks the quality prospects for your company among them.
Prices vary as per the customized needs of the clients. We offer certain packages depending on the leads you expect in a month. We charge on a monthly basis.
We first speak with our clients to understand their process. We let them know about our email campaign and how we reach their target audience. Also, we make them aware of our monthly charges based on their needs.

Let’s generate quality leads, together.

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