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What exactly does SEO Companies in Pune do

SEO companies in Pune

Every business owner is educated about SEO that SEO is quite needed to increase the visibility of their business website online to their potential clients and beat their competitors. But also there are several questions that come to business owners about SEO like

What do SEO companies in Pune exactly do?

When I started my own SEO Company, Edigibrands after working in SEO field for few years, I always received the one questions from business owners, clients, Friends and Family that what does your SEO Company actually do? In these several years where Digital Marketing industry got so many changes in terms of Google algorithms, client’s expectation and technologies but the question about my company and SEO have remained the same. So here finally I thought to pen it down about what my company, SEO Company in Pune really do.

SEO plays a major part in digital marketing success; I am going to tell it very straight about what SEO company – for that matter what Edigibrands as an SEO company in Pune actually does.

You are going to find the below details about SEO and SEO company in this whole blog

What do SEO companies do? (Including what is SEO)

There must be an SEO service included in any digital marketing contract.

How you can find the best SEO Company among many SEO companies in Pune according to your requirements and needs.

Queries and questions to be asked to SEO company before making an agreement.




What SEO Companies in Pune do?

Most the business owners do not know what happens in SEO companies and they go about doing SEO for the website and how SEO is different for different businesses.  So let’s understand what SEO is

SEO stands for Search engine Optimization; it is the way or process of making website/services/ products of the company visible online, especially when users are searching with relevant keywords/key phrases.

Now that you know how important SEO is so you must look for a legit SEO Company. There are always 2 ways of doing things in any field. Manipulative or may be the wrong way to get the fast result and right way like follow the process and get the long term result. Same way in SEO field there are Black Hat SEO and White SEO.

White Hat SEO practice is according to the Google Algorithm, It takes time and real effort of SEO but benefits in a long term and site will never be penalized even if there is a slight change in Google Algorithm in future. But Black Hat SEO practice is a shady method to get the website to the top,  but it is bad for long term as when Google catches your bad tricks that don’t match with its algorithm, the website will be penalized and thrown back somewhere after all 10 pages of SERP. And then recovery will be a lot tougher and time-consuming.

Let’s see how we do White Hat SEO in SEO companies in Pune, There are 100+ factors that need to be taken care while performing White Hat SEO  but few those are important are going to be discussed below:

  • We must look for Search Intent of users’ i.e, Do perfect keyword research according to potential users and search volume monthly.
  • Length of the content- Search engine prefers the big content
  • Quality of the content- search engine do prefer the quality of the content too, good quality of the content reduces the bounce rate of the webpage.
  • Optimized images- optimized images with proper alt tags improve load speed and SEO friendliness of the webpage.
  • SEO friendly URL-  All the URLs must be SEO friendly that must be depicted about the web page content
  • Web pages Speed- Web pages speed must be checked as search engine prefers web pages with good page load speed for better user experience.
  • Website Mobile friendliness- As the user searches more on mobile, websites must be mobile friendly for better user experience and according to Google recent algorithm update.
  • Social Media must be connected to get the social signals to the website and hence to improve the ranking.
  • HTTPs and HTTP- HTTPs refers to a more secure website and Search engine prefers the secure website.
  • Quality Backlinks- Building quality and high DA backlinks are important to get the traffic and better crawling of the search engine to your website.

SEO Services that must be included when you make an agreement with SEO companies in Pune

SEO companies must include the following SEO services in a contract with the client:

  • Complete Website Analysis
  • Website Content Analysis
  • On Page Optimization of the complete website or web page content( depends on client’s requirement)
  • Technical SEO in terms of code and structure of the website
  • Off Page SEO analysis
  • Off page SEO optimization and link building ( guest blogging, article submission)

Complete website analysis:

The properly structured website has always been a preference for users and search engines. A search engine is to provide the best experience to the users and if the website is structured well and the user-friendly then search engine is going to prefer this. The factors below our SEO and web developer team going to look for:

Meta Elements:

Duplicate and overstuffed keywords in your title tags, Meta description, and webpage content is going to get penalized by search engines and get affected negatively for your click-through rate. Best optimized Meta elements ensure the website visibility on SERPs.


This is the file that includes the webpages that you do not want the search engine to crawl and index them.


This is XML sitemap, a list of all the webpages of your site that you want the search engine to crawl and get it indexed.

Analytics Setup:

Analytics connection helps in tracking the source of traffic, also tracks the sales and leads to analyze the performance of the SEO.


Here “s” refers to secure. Even if you are not involved in accepting payment through your website, you need to have a secure website because search engine prefers secure website over non-secured.

Site errors:

Common site errors are like duplicate content, duplicate title tags, Meta description, missing title tags, Meta description, 4XX errors and search engine blocked by robots.txt.

Internal links:

All the web pages must be interconnected so that the search engine can crawl all over the website internally.

Once we are done with the above factors we move further.

Website Content Analysis:

Now our SEO team moves to do a complete analysis of page content. Here are a few important things that could be diagnosed.

  • Right Keywords are not targeted
  • Content is poor in terms of length and quality
  • Duplicate content
  • Overstuffed Keywords
  • LSI keywords not used
  • NAP (Name Address Phone number) inconsistent
  • And many more

Website content is the most important thing for your business as this is the one thing that is going to engage and attract your potential clients and also helps in converting them like a lead; Quality content is also preferred by the Search engine.

We also do the detail keyword analysis to find the keywords that are more likely to get ranked and improve the web traffic to the website.

On Page Optimization of a complete website or web page content

Content is the Hero when it comes to SEO. It is not just that you build a website and make it live and things are done. You need to attract the traffic to the website, business needs leads and it is possible only when potential users looking for similar product/service visits the website. 1 in 100 visitors are likely to get converted so you can imagine how much traffic you need to get to your business website to run your business successfully.

To drive the traffic and rank the website on SERP, you must be consistently creating the content on your website. Frequently updated content is crawled more frequently by search engine and improves ranking. So here are what our SEO team going to do for the website content:

  • Analyze the content, remove the duplicate and rewrite the content if needed.
  • Primary keywords must be placed in page titles to help Google rank the page.
  • Create a new page with new content to drive more visitors to the website
  • Add images and content with right keyword density for underperforming webpages.

Technical SEO- Structure and Code

Your structure and code everything might be all good but you need to do something extra, something different and much better to outperform your competitors. So here are few things that we do as an expert in this industry but off course, there are more than this that we do in the real scenario.

  • Make the site navigation clean and subtle to improve the user experience
  • Code clean up that makes the site faster
  • Look for the errors that are identified by the Google bots and rectify them
  • Adding XML sitemap and also submit them to Google so that crawler can crawl the website
  • Internal links addition to making the webpages internally linked to each other so that search crawl them all index accordingly.

Off Page SEO Analysis and optimization

Off page SEO and On-Page share the same percentage of involvement and credit to have successful SEO done and improve the ranking of the website. Here is what we do:

  • Local SEO- Apply local SEO techniques to improve the rank of the website locally.
  • Directory listing- Provide your company links and proper details of the company in your niche business Industry.
  • Press release- Press release submission at high domain authority press release sites about your new service and products.
  • Article submission- Article submission at high domain authority article submission site about products and services.
  • Social media- Share the newly added content or webpage link to your social media as we know social media can also drive the traffic to the website.

SEO more than just applying above tricks and techniques to your website. We at Edigibrands as one of the SEO Companies in Pune also track periodically, monitor the ranking closely and keep checking analytics to know what is working and which area needs to look after for better performance of the website and improve the ranking and traffic.

Next, if you want to hire an SEO company to rank your business website better for the searched keywords you must go through our one of the blogs How to find the best SEO Company for your requirement.

Queries and questions to be asked to SEO companies in Pune before making an agreement.

Before going for any of the SEO companies in Pune, the first and foremost thing is to look for their reviews, there are 1-2 negative reviews you will find for almost every company but if there are many negative reviews then there is definitely something fishy so better to avoid.  Apart from that there are few more queries need to be asked:

Know what’s in the agreement/contract? When it is going to end?

Know exactly about your start and date of the service.

How can you cancel the contract?

It might happen that you are not seeing much improvement according to your expectation and you would like to end the contract. So there must be some clause added in the contract about the discontinuation of the contract.

How often and how can we communicate?
Will I have access to all account created like for analytics, webmaster and other related accounts?
Do you guarantee?

Genuine SEO Company never guarantees. Every industry is different and no one can guarantee how much time it is going to take to rank. If any company guarantees a quick result, you must think about it.

If your company has worked for a similar industry?

Every industry different, target audience for every business is different so SEO will also be different. Similar Industry experience helps in avoiding nuances.

What are the payments method and fees for service?

Above are the few questions that we think can be asked. Of course, there are some more you can add according to your industry and past experience.

Your marketing team can build a good reputation for your audience and also can ruin your reputation. Most of the marketing/ SEO companies do spam and that’s really bad for long term reputation of the company. So if you are looking for the right SEO Company in Pune who understands that spamming hurts a lot, Contact us right away.


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