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Case Study #4

Company Overview

Fresh Elites is one of the leading e-commerce platforms which deals with the products including Nike elite socks, Phone cases, Hats, Airpods case, Shirts, Sleeves and many others. They offer customized and ideally printed products which stand unique from their competitors.

The Story/ Challenge

Being an e-commerce industry, Fresh Elites focuses on expanding its growth and success with the help of an SEO expert solution. When we have analyzed the website, it suffers from lower search engine rankings and there are only a few organic visits. We took the challenge as the opportunity to increase the organic visitors and enhance the sales and leads to their website by boosting the search engine rankings.

In the e-commerce industry, the website should be search engine and user-friendly to make the customers stick to the website. They are in need to focus more on traffic-generating keywords which can help them to drive the deserved traffic that they are looking for. So, we have come up with lots of on-page and off-page optimization techniques to turn the website an SEO friendly one.

The Strategy

To make the user visit count increasing, the website needs to be optimized accordingly. Our SEO expert team has planned a unique strategy which suits well for e-commerce business and implemented it to boost the search engine rankings. The Search Engine Optimization skill set that we have used to drive the deserved traffic are:

  • Competitor Analysis:

To come up with an idea of how the competitors have implemented the SEO strategy.

  • Keyword Analysis:

To find the highest priority and traffic-generating keywords which help to increase the customers visit count.

  • Web Content Analysis:

To make the web contents go appropriate with the optimized keywords that help search engines and customers to understand the details of the exact pages.

  • Analytics and Search Console Setup:

To find the performance of the website from the point where SEO is implemented.

  • On-page optimization:

To optimize the website structure, contents, website codes, images, and speed.

  • Off-page optimization:

To boost the rankings of the top priority keywords that helps the website to generate higher traffic, leads, and sales.

It consists of the details of the company including business address, phone number, business timings, and customer reviews.

The strategy that we have implemented helped us to gain a tremendous amount of traffic towards the website. We have achieved those results within the first 6 months from the implementation of the SEO process.

Long-Term Results

Results are the key factor which determines the success of each and every business. We have achieved a 50% increase in local rankings, a 30% increase in conversions and importantly a 75% increase in website organic visitors. This is a huge achievement and now Fresh Elites showcases its brand to grab their customers ahead of their competitors.

Here is the list of keywords which we have ranked in the search engine for the website:

Search Engine Ranked Keywords

  • Custom Nike Elite Socks
  • Custom Nike Elites
  • Elite Socks Custom
  • Best Custom Nike Elite Socks
  • Custom socks elite


Being the SEO expert, we have delivered the exact results that Fresh Elite dreamt of. You can always reach us to take your online business to the next level. Our SEO expert will be happy to deliver the results that each and every business requires to create an impact in this online world. Create your success story with us.