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Case Study #3

Company Overview

Launched in the year 2014, Industrykart.com is a part of NOIDA based Neometrix Group, serving Indian Defence Engineering Sector as well as other industries with its High Technology Products and Services. It is one of the fastest-growing E-Commerce destinations have catered a wide range of corporate customers includes Ford, Indigo, Philips, ITC, P&G, Hero Group, U-Flex, Mother Dairy, Subros Ltd, NTPC, BHEL Automate World. They are dealing with safety products, electrical, Consumables, hand tools, power tools, automotive accessories, Energy, Test & Measuring Instruments, Material Handling and many more.

The Story/ Challenge

In this modern and competitive world, most of the businesses turn their focus into online to generate more customers towards them. Especially in the e-commerce industry, online dominance is one of the key factors to generate success in their business. Industrykart.com has also tried out with different online strategies to grab their online customer’s attraction but their organic traffic towards their website seems to be low when compared to their efforts. Our main focus is to create a perfect SEO strategy to deliver the exact results that each and every e-commerce business is looking for.

The Strategy

Looking forward to creating an impact in the online world, we have come up with different SEO strategy to bring industrykart.com ahead of their competitors. We have developed an ideal on-page and off-page strategies to make the job done.

On-Page Strategies

  • We have undergone a deep analysis to find out the exact keywords which help the business to generate more leads and sales.
  • With the recommendation of our SEO experts, they have optimized the page title and Meta tags to boost SEO performance.
  • Along with the Meta tags, we have also delivered the key ideas to enhance the existing contents in each and every web page which goes along with their product categories.
  • We have worked along with the development team and offered the key solutions to make the website SEO friendly by optimizing URL’s, CSS, JS, and other HTML tags to make the website responsive and customer friendly.
  • We have made image optimization, CSS & JS minification and other related optimization techniques to boost the performance and speed of the website

Along with those key points mentioned above, we have also implemented with other on-page factors to make the website completely SEO friendly.

Off-page Strategies

Once all the on-page factors are implemented, our SEO team created a perfect off-page strategy to boost the rankings of the priority keywords that we have analyzed followed by,

  • Researching of niche related websites to increase brand popularity.
  • Implementing all the off-page strategies to boost the SERP position of the target keywords.

Long-Term Results

As a result of the perfect on-page and off-page SEO strategy, industrykart.com has gained 3x more organic traffic towards their website in a short span. The organic search revenue has also been increased up 30% by generating them more number of leads and sales.

Here is the list of keywords which we have ranked in the search engine for the website:

Search Engine Ranked Keywords

  • Online Industrial Goods
  • Measuring Instruments Online
  • Buy Pneumatic Online
  • Buy Hydraulics Online
  • Pressure Gauges Online


Industrykart.com is now becoming the industrial leader by generation huge amount of organic traffic which offers them the quality leads and sales. As a leading SEO company in Pune, our service doesn’t over here. Our professional SEO experts analysis evens more strategies to be implemented on the website to increase the organic traffic and the companies ROI.