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Case Study #2

Company Overview

IBPA is a leading institute in teaching and learning for comprehensive Bakery and Patisserie programs with national and international certificates. IBPS is one of the platforms for the newbie’s to learn and master the field of Bakery in their sophisticated courses.

The Story/ Challenge

The main website focuses on providing essential and relevant contents about baking schools and classes. However, to reach online customers who are looking for baking schools need to fit their needs. Not only content delivers the result for a website, but also need to implement various strategies to overcome the challenges in the online market.

At the beginning of the project, we have noticed that the on-page works need improvements which can deliver the website even more visibility in the search engines. In addition to that, the clients have created and targeting clusters of non-branded and generic keywords which has low search volume and delivers low results. Also, the client has made with few attractive contents which delivered them a few visitors and leads. But, being an educational institute, the need for full-fledged SEO is an important factor to showcase their brand visibility around the globe.

Trusted as the leading SEO Company in India, we understand that the website needs lots of improvements to drive the dedicated traffic and online visibility to the website.

The Strategy

The dedicated team worked together to brainstorm the SEO strategy for the website starting from initial analysis and reports. The deep analysis of the website helped us to create an ideal strategy to deliver the appropriate result which needs to gain traffic and leads to the website. We have followed the ideal strategy which includes:

  • Analysis of traffic worth keywords which produce the results.
  • Optimizing the clusters of non-branded and generic keywords with traffic worth keywords along with relevant topics to target the appropriate audience.
  • Prioritizing keywords with high search volume that align with brand campaign calendar plan.
  • Dealing in efficiency with all on-page optimizing works to make the website load faster for visitors convenient.
  • After all the on-page optimizations are carried out, we have followed up with effective link building strategy to create an exposure to the website in search engines.

With the ideal strategy, our team identified the lightning keywords and topics and optimized the contents accordingly to boost SEO performance.

Long-term Results

The main goal of our SEO strategy is to deliver the deserved traffic to the website. With the best SEO strategy and the dedicated team members of our leading SEO company in India, we have achieved the appropriate results and helped us to increase the visibility of targeted keywords.

Here is the list of keywords which we have ranked in the search engine for the website:

Search Engine Ranked Keywords

  • Baking classes in Delhi
  • Pastry classes in Delhi
  • Bakery institute in Delhi
  • Baking schools in Delhi
  • Pastry chef diploma in Delhi


With the help of optimal SEO strategy of leading SEO company in India, the visibility of targeted keywords has improved a lot in search engines. The visibility of the traffic worth keywords helped IBPS to gain 2x organic traffic within 3 months. As the leading SEO Company in India, our work doesn’t over at this point. Our team is now rolling out in identifying other key marketing strategies to deliver excellence in every aspect.