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Why Do You Need Demand Generation Metrics

Why Do You Need Demand Generation Metrics

Why Do You Need Demand Generation Metrics 


Do you feel you suck in the frameworks of a marketing campaign?

Do you make mistakes in most of the campaigns while running your Ads?

Or are you stuck in a dilemma whether this strategy will work or not?

Do you always struggle to find a quick solution to all your problems?

Are you struggling to establish communication with your Audience?

Do you and your team always struggle to find the right strategies as the best option?

If these are the problems you are facing right now then you have arrived at the right point.

Even from my personal experience I have faced a huge loss in the campaign and failed miserably by not understanding how to track the progress of my campaign and how to make the best use of my own resources.

There are short-term and long-term goals in marketing.

Short-term goals are what we aim to achieve in the 30-90 days time period. Whereas the long-term goals are the goals which we tend to achieve in years.

“If you don’t collect any metrics, you’re flying blind. If you collect and focus on too many, they may be obstructing your field of view.”

Scott M. Graffius

There are ways you can find if the metrics of your campaign are fulfilling or not.

  • If it helps to create trust in your customer.
  • Does it help to value your customer?
  • It helps to build a relationship with your Audience.
  • Does it help you to create the demand for your Product or service?

If this is the area which you want to improve then you should track the metrics of your campaign.

Why DO you Need the Marketing Metrics?

Marketing metrics will not only support the Customer to have a bird eye view on each of his campaigns. This gives him insights whether he is working on the right parameter or not?

This helps him to save his time and money to avoid overspending on the campaign.

How Metrics Can Help You in Your Marketing Journey?

How Metrics Can Help You in Your Marketing Journey?

  • Metrics can show you Winning bet
  • Metrics can show you Measure ROI
  • Metrics Can show you use of Marketing Spend
  • Metrics Can give you valuable data for Decision Making
  • Metrics Can give you Key Customer Insights

What If you don’t Track your Campaign and let it Run for it?

As we all know whatever we track we can improve but what if you don’t track the efforts which you are putting in the marketing?

There is a similar approach which can become beneficial but in the long run.

It would work only with the companies, or startups who have a big budget to spend and don’t want to track the campaign.

But still, they will track but at a different level. They go with the approach to track not at the micro level but at the Macro level.

there are two approaches

In the current market scenario, there are two approaches which companies can 

  1. Tracking based Approach:- 

In this tracking-based approach, we tend to track from day one and optimize the campaign as per the data points we received. 

This approach helps us not only Track, Monitor, Readjust and make the right decision for it.

  1. Algorithm-Based Approach:-

This approach starts from the journey of showing the same piece of content to a small group of people and if they show interest in terms of liking, sharing & commenting on the content it scales even further.

In this approach, at first, you tend to spend more money but in overall you spend less money if we are able to see how many conversions we get.

This approach works best for the industry that is content-dominated like D2C and B2C, and people get involved. Because you only bet the money which already had shown some results.

What is the Marketing Perspective?

Marketing Perspective is nothing but communicating your message without shouting but listening and reacting in a subtle way of it.

In today’s era of AI every product / Service wants to put forward their Opinion and solve its customer problem and communicate it too.

But there is always a unique way to present your story to your audience.

The best marketing campaign not only touches the soul but also goes beyond the purpose of their existence. 

key perspectives of any marketing campaign.

Below are the key perspectives of any marketing campaign.

  1. Understand your customer better.
  2. Work on your customers what they want.
  3. Share your message to the world
  4. Use social media to reach a larger audience.
  5. Charge the fair price for your product.
  6. See what customers like and double down on what’s working.

Does the Marketing KPI are necessary to grow or is it merely created for selling the tool?


There is always a debate on the topics that we always need to track mechanisms for your campaign.

As we all know from social media to Search Engine, Email marketing and so on and so forth.

We have every channel and their tool to measure the KPI for it. But we need to understand that every free source of traffic or customer is not our source.

In Fact we are dependent on their tools.

So what’s the solution for it?

  1. Create your own demand of the product
  2. Create buzz around your product.
  3. You should focus on solving the problem of your customer in a unique way.
  4. This will help you to build the brand of your products / Services.
  5. Because its brand pull helps you to avoid the trap of using these tools.

Goals of Marketing Campaign-

The Goals of any marketing campaign to achieve sales or make customers happy after buying the product or service.

But this goal starts with identifying and connecting the right customer avatar.

Ideal Client profile of the customer.

In today’s world, we called it as Ideal Client Profile ( ICP) 

What is  ICP?

ICP means nothing but the Ideal Client profile of the customer.

Where it has come up with the details of the customer and its background. 

Few of them I have listed below.

  • Account
  • Sub Industry
  • LocationRevenue
  • Team Size
  • Share in Segment Revenue
  • Share in Company Revenue
  • Strategic Goals of the Company
  • Strategic Goals of the Products / Service
  • Job Role
  • Age
  • Concern During the sales process.

This detailed understanding of your audience will help you to reach the decision-maker of the company.

don't approach the right decision-maker in your marketing campaign

What if you don’t approach the right decision-maker in your marketing campaign?


  1. You will run the campaign in the air but not going to achieve anything out of it.
  2. You will burn out of your marketing budget.
  3. You will blame the marketing channel for not working out for you.
  4. It stops bringing new customers to your business.
  5. Your product & service will lose trust.
  6. You don’t stand out from your competitors
  7. You don’t have any idea what is working and what is not working.

The Problem of not measuring the Metrics of your Campaign

The Problem of not measuring the Metrics of your Campaign

There are multiple issues that might happen if you don’t measure the campaign. A few of them I have listed below.

  • Converting leads – this would be one of the major hits back when you are not measuring the metrics of your campaign. TO convert the leads if you don’t know which traffic source and which campaign is converting you most leads. You will not able to convert them either.
  • Finding the right customer– Finding the right customer is the next challenge when you are not measuring the campaign. When you don’t measure the campaign you will not be able to understand what works well and what not?
  • Lead Quality issue– The Quality of leads may vary from campaign to campaign. It again starts with the ICP ( Ideal client Profile) you need to understand whom you are targeting. The lead quality depends upon the targeting , content , copy , CTA etc….
  • Nurturing leads– Nurturing the leads is the major issue with the most people. As every one wants to convert all the leads which they got. But it doesn’t work in this way. As every leader needs to treat it differently. And should have a unique nurturing program.
  • Creating quality content– Creating the quality content is a major problem if we are not tracking the metrics we won’t be able to understand which content needs to produce to resonate with the customer so that they can engage and convenience your point of view.
  • Efficiency of campaign– The efficiency of a campaign is doing well only if we track the campaign with the right metrics. Else all the efforts which we are putting in it goes into vain.

Benefits of Marketing Metrics

Benefits of Marketing Metrics:-

There are enormous benefits if we track the marketing metrics. But I will try to list some of them below.

  1. Improved Marketing Strategy

Getting you tracked the right approach with right content and metrics can really fastly deliver the results for your campaign.

  • Defined workflow & Responsibility:-

         The metrics are helping us to draft the clear cut workflow for our      campaigns. Rather than trying with the air. This structured way of approach will only be possible if you are selling with workflow and tracking every camping in detail along with the responsibility to each metrics.

  1. Clear communication with Less Blockers

         The more you track your campaign with the right kpi you will be able to know who is performing and who is not.

With the data at your hand, you can communicate with the right person with the right data. This will avoid having fewer blockers in your communication.

  • PESTLE Analysis- 

This analysis will help you understand if there are any external factors which are affecting your campaign.

P- Political

E- Economical

S- Social

T- Technological

L- Legal


These 6 factors are the external factors which not only harm your product or service but also your industry as well.

  • SWOT Analysis-

I think this is one of the oldest methods which we have used since the marketing word is in place. But if we really use it in detail and implement the same you will get the best out of it.

After analyzing all the options and methods here I have come up with a list of Metrics you should follow and use on a day to day basis

Steps, Framework and Lists of Marketing Metrics-

There are multiple metrics to identify the success of any campaign.

Let’s dive into it Total one by one

Website & SEO Metrics

  1. Website & SEO Metrics- 

  • Total Website Visits
  • Unique Visits
  • Return Visitors
  • Page View
  • Conversion Rate
  • CTR
  • Clicks
  • Impression
  • Keyword Ranking

Brand matrix

Brand Metrics-

  • Brand Awareness
  • Reach
  • Repurchase Ratio
  • Brand Salience
  • Brand Sentiment
  • Share of Voice
  • Branded Keywords

Email matrics

Email Metrics-

  • Open Rate
  • Click through Rate
  • Hard Bounce
  • Soft Bounce
  • Unsubscribe
  • Email ROI

Social Media Metrics

Social Media Metrics-

  • Reach
  • Impression
  • Engagement Rate
  • Followers Growth Rate
  • Brands Mentions

Pay per click

Pay per click Metrics-

  • Click through Rate
  • Cost Per Click
  • Cost Per Lead
  • Marketing Qualified Lead
  • Sales Qualified Lead

SEO matrics

SEO Metric-

  • Organic Traffic
  • Keyword Ranking
  • Search Visibility
  • Traffic Value
  • Organic Traffic Conversion
  • Referring Domains
  • Indexed pages
  • Index Coverage Error
  • Core Web Vital

These are some metrics that we followed in our day-to-day life in a marketing campaign.

Amol Tolbande

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