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Top 10 Tips By Top SEO Company In Pune To Rank The Business Successfully

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As search engine algorithm changes with time, The Top SEO company in Pune changes SEO strategy too according to the algorithm change. A few years back, it was easy to rank the website or get the traffic and lead with a black hat SEO technique. But now it is not possible as the search engine algorithm has got a lot of changes over the years.

To match up with an ongoing continuous change in the SEO world, Businesses must update their SEO strategies. So here, the top SEO company in Pune listing down the few advanced SEO tips which can help businesses to achieve their goal in the internet world.

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Here we are going to discuss a few points like

  • Webpage speed does affect the ranking
  • Importance of Mobile Optimization
  • Importance of images and videos
  • Content Marketing improves the ranking
  • Link building improves the ranking
  • Long-tail keywords
  • Landing page
  • Broken links affect SEO
  • Internal linking structure
  • User-generated content improves SEO


Webpage speed does affect SEO and ranking

Google values website speed as a good user experience is important for Google. Earlier in 2010, Google started to consider the website speed as one of the ranking factors. In July 2018, As Smart Phone is more in trend by users so Google started to give more consideration for mobile page speed for ranking factor.

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Here are a few checklists suggested by top SEO company in Pune to improve the page speed of the website:

  • Must ensure the optimization of the images. Optimize the format of the image and save it in the sharper and smaller size without compromising the quality of images.
  • Reduce 301 redirects because 301 redirects are one of the reasons that reduce the page loading speed of the website.


Importance of Mobile Optimization

As the internet became cheaper and the smartphone is being used by everyone nowadays. Everyone uses smartphones to search anything in Google more than desktop. However, most of the websites are not mobile optimized. Site structure and mobile page speed are two important factors to be looked upon while optimizing sites for mobile devices.

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Here we see how we can make the mobile site more user-friendly and SEO friendly:

  • Web design must be responsive.
  • Javascript, CSS, and Images must not be blocked.
  • Title and Meta description must be optimized.
  • Local search optimization
  • Configuration for mobile site
  • Mobile URL must be created


Importance of Images and Videos

The human brain is attracted more to visual content than textual. Visual contents have more effect and engagement than texts. The study has shown that text content is difficult to keep the user engaged. By talking to our audiences through infographics, images and videos are a more effective way of keeping them engaged with us.

Content Marketing Improves Ranking

Repurposing of content is the new hacks of content marketing and content writing. Sometimes infographic is used to repurpose the content of articles and blogs.

Content with SEO

Here the top SEO company in Pune points out the content repurpose and for search engine optimization:

  • Collect the data from the previous campaign
  • Audience interest to be focused while doing content repurposing
  • Strategy development for the content
  • Insights and feedback collection from audiences
  • Repurposing the content for audience interest.


Link Building Improves Ranking

Building backlinks or earning backlinks is not an easy task. This is necessary as the search engine determines how popular the website is.

Link building SEO

Some of the metrics to be followed are:

  • Link building from the trusted domain
  • Linked page popularity
  • Relevancy of the linked pages
  • Relevant anchor text used for the link
  • How many links to the same domain/ page
  • How many domains have got backlinks

Long Tail keywords and SEO

To avoid the competition and rank for phrases/ long-tail keywords is easier and sensible. Suppose you are selling dogs grooming products. Keywords “dog” or “dogs grooming kit” will be quite competitive to rank. But if you chose “Dog shampoo in Mumbai”, or “dog nail clippers in Mumbai”, it will be easy to rank comparatively. And once you start ranking for long-tail keywords, you will start getting traffic and improve your domain authority and in turn, you will also be to rank for short keywords soon.

Check out 2 additional tips:

  • Do not use clickbait
  • Different long-tail keywords for every webpage


Landing Page must be SEO friendly

The landing page must be keyword optimized which helps to rank the page on SERP. While doing keyword optimization of the landing page, there are few things to be kept in mind:

  • Decide upon your keywords: Make a list of high search volume keywords. Combine them and use them in your content.
  • If you want your webpage to be ranked on SERP, You must use your keyword-stuffed brilliantly in your content and also use them in Title, Meta description, header tags, URL and image alt tags.

Broken links affect SEO

When the search engine come across broken links while crawling through the web pages, the bounce rate of the web page increases. It affects its SEO; the search engine believes that this webpage is not useful for the users and stops to crawl the website once found the broken links. How the webpage gets broken links:

Sometimes when we modify slug of the webpage, we miss changing the internal links.

External links might have been removed or moved to some other URL.

We must take care of those factors without fail to avoid having broken links.


Internal linking structure

The search engine crawls through the internal links and do-follow links and rank on SERP. Few things that have to be taken care is whether anchor text and links are relevant to each other.

Few tips for internal linking are as below:

  • Internal links should be valuable on the visitor’s point of view and relevant
  • Any two anchor text must not be the same
  • There must be limited no-follow links and outbound links.


User-generated content improves SEO

We must make sure any user-generated content or if you are uploading testimonials, review or video of your user or customer. It must contain keywords; description with keywords, Title contains keywords and right category and tags. That helps tremendously in ranking the webpage.


Google updates its algorithm frequently. To keep yourself on the right track, Top SEO company in Pune suggest that we must be updated with Google algorithm and find the way out to rank our website and client’s website always in a right manner.


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