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The Future of SEO – Prediction by Best SEO agency in Pune for 2019 and Beyond

SEO agency in Pune

In this uncertain world of SEO, SEOs have no idea where the SEO is heading. Strategy and planning are difficult in this scenario.

Here the best SEO agency in Pune making you navigate this path easily and understand the future of SEO.

Our experts at Edigibrands, Best SEO agency in Pune kept themselves updated with emerging trends and changing Google algorithms. They always found the way to their success.

So, here are a few factors that need special attention from SEOs in 2019 and beyond.

Focus on Speed

Future of SEO also depends on Speed. Many SEOs understand that it’s just about speed and SEO end there but there is a lot more to be taken care of.

Page SPeed SEO

Because consumer technology is so advanced, everyone is connected wherever they move and everyone has adopted the fast-moving life. If the content of the website and the speed of the website is not good enough to attract and engage the user then it will be overlooked.

This is the reason to think beyond the site speed.

Content has to be relevant, interesting and informative to keep the users engaged. Our way of presenting the content and information needs to be effective and very fast as well. We must provide exactly what users are looking for and in a short time. Our content should be accessible for the right keyword whether through organic search or internal links. Otherwise, users have other sources as well to be engaged in.

A study has found that around 43% of users move to another website if they have to wait for more than 3 seconds to load the page and similarly for the content, if they do not find it informative and engaging, they move to other pages/website within 4 seconds.

Avoid Pogo-Stick Problem

You yourself might have navigated back from the website which is relevant for your search intent, to the Google search result page.

Pogo Stick SEO

The main prediction by the Best SEO agency in Pune here is that website’s content must be optimized keeping search intent of the users in mind.

That strategy of backlinks and keyword density is just old school. A search engine has evolved many phases and so is the SEO strategy needs to be. SEO is more dynamic and interesting now.

Now Google’s challenge is to avoid the pogo-stick problem and provide the content which is very much relevant to the users. That will improve the user’s experience to a new level.

None of us likes to visit 10 different sites before finding the appropriate one. Google have always introduced new features and changes to deal with this like featured snippets, knowledge panel- all this is introduced to make the user experience better.

Google has evolved smarter than in previous days. Google knows better about user intent now than before so nowadays we notice more images carousels and video carousels on Google SERP.

Once decided about for which keyword you want to rank your website, just Google it and see what type of content you see on SERP.

If Images appears as a result then you must also infographic to rank your website. If you see videos then you must have video content with relevant information. And if the results are the mix of everything then you must have rightly structured informative and relevant article with visuals, images, and videos.

Google values the authority of the website to tackle any fake information and spammed website present on the internet. Google does care about fresh content too.

High authority and fresh content are quite tricky to get. So Best SEO agency in Pune advice to keep your old content alive by updating and refreshing it and Google get you the traffic in the long run.

Voice search and answers hit to Google’s answer box

Voice search software is very popular now. Google Home and Amazon Alexa fetches the information from Google’s answer box and reply to the searchers.


SEO expert needs to keep up with this voice search trends of SIRI and ALEXA. They must optimize their content to answer the questions that are asked by users to SIRI or ALEXA.

For example: If the user asked the device, How to improve website search ranking? SEO experts in their SEO website write the content in question and answer manner so that voice searchers can fetch it easily from the content.

Also if contents are written in bullet points and lists then it is easier for voice search device to read the content aloud when the relevant questions are asked.

Google already had taken this change into account. Google started to prefer the webpages with content in questions and answers format and rank at the top when the relevant question is asked. You would have noticed that this kind of content is displayed in a separate, highlighted box with the webpage link to know more.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

As per expert of the best SEO agency in Pune and well-known experts all over the world, Artificial intelligence and Machine learning is the next generation. With continuous changing and improving Google’s Algorithm and its way of understanding semantic search key-phrases and user’s search intent, we are heading to a new level of user experience.


Content marketing will have more scope in the future as the search engine is going to focus on user’ search intent rather than just a specific keyphrase. SEOs need to build informative and much relevant content that revolves around their keyphrase rather than focusing on just keywords stuffing and building spammy backlinks.


Building Brand is more important than the following algorithm

Artificial intelligence and Machine learning are going to make a search engine very smart as it will be totally working on the basis of the user’s search intent and not for a few lists of rules. To crack such an algorithm will be very tough. The only way out is to build your brand that everyone loves and talk about. As it always comes to at the end of the day is, “who” and “how many “are talking about.

Branding SEO agency

The main thing we must stop worrying about the algorithm in the future and focus on building a strong brand that everyone loves in his space and talk about.


2 Major SEO changes to look for:

Every SEOs are aware that search engine is changing. We care about 2 things in the future:

Lower CTR:

Google has a lot more things for users on SERP before they click on an advertisement. And Google also provides a direct answer to the question on the highlighted box and leaves very less chance of clicking to the advertisement.

Search Volume:

Google already has a large volume of searches. No one knows if it already reached the peak.

By keeping in mind about CTR and search volume, SEOs need to think about 3 main things:


If you want to be ranked #1, your content needs to be the best on the internet for the user’s intent or query.


Few Conversions matter the most than getting a lot of visitors websites get through search result pages.

End users Education:

Most SEOs do not put an effort into this. Explaining the content in a better and systematic way reap the benefit in the long run.

SEO Agency Pune

In the end, We all know SEO is kicking and changing rapidly. You may like it or not, SEO is always going to be alive and dynamic.

Links are not going to be important but earning backlinks from trusted and valuable domains will always be the plus point in the present and future.

Mobile searches are increasing day by day than desktop searches and it is definitely going to be increased in that line. So SEOs investing time and effort in mobile SEO will always be benefitted in the future.

Whether you focus on AI and Machine Learning or Voice search devices in these changing trends of searches, one thing that is always to think upon is, you must understand and apply them in your SEO strategy before your competitors do if you want to appear on top of the search result page.

Google focuses on the user’s experience so you must do as well, you must provide the best possible experience to a real human when they visit your site.


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