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Hello Everyone,

This Blog would be helpful to the small business, Startup, Blogger and the solopreneurs who want to improve the Ranking of their blogs.


Yes in this Guide we cover all the major factor which help you to achieve Organic SEO Ranking.

If you stay till the last you will surely go to get a few awesome insights that you can use right way in your blog.

What is Organic SEO Services?

Why we have to go to the organic?

Which is the best way to go ahead?


Like this there are lot more question would be answered in this guide so stay tuned.

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So now let’s dive the problems of many of you people who want to try your hands on the SEO.

But once you decided to start you will come to know many people are having their own opinion. But instead of giving you a full proof strategy they would make you more confused to sell their stuff.

So if you want to see more about ” How to choose an agency for your SEO work ” you can check here in detail.


Current Problems Or Challenges-

There are majorly 5 problems that occurred while you decided to start your first SEO campaign.


  1. Google & Your Industry are not static.
  2. You will not be able to get a complete share of Pie!
  3. Continuously changing Google Algorithm.

4. IS Google also changing Fast?

  1. Immediate Fix Can land up you in trouble.


This is the common problem you face while you decided to go ahead for SEO Campaign.

Let’s go one by one to clear your Doubts.

  1. Google & Your Industry are not static


Let’s not forget that Google or any search engine is not owned by us or anyone can claim them for ranking.

Nobody owns the free traffic from Google as it is hardcore traffic made by them to come repetitive on their search engine.

To business you are entering is constantly changing it’s because of not only you but your other competitors are also trying to Rank, get traffic, & leads for their business.



Organize funds in your marketing campaign of 2020 for your business to get the traffic, Conversion & Sales.

Competition is not going to decreasing it would be become Fierce day by day.

Business without customize strategy would go in losses if you don’t plan your campaign properly.

SEO is not the Drag and Drop campaign it’s a continuous process which helps to improve the customer journey from your business prospect to Buying customer with the help of optimizing your website.

Always keep in mind its a continuous process. What you have done in the past may not apply to next year’s strategy.


  1. You will not be able to get a complete share of Pie

    Organic SEO Service share

Your business is not the only solution to get any traffic from Google. The current surely done by the few companies it has been proved that the Search traffic is going to get lesser day by day even you are on the first page of google.


Google Ads

Google Map

Schema mark up

Organic Search

Google Ads

This order may vary depends upon industry.

But the Website which is ranking organically on the first page would be getting 15-20% of the total traffic of the particular keyword.

So be in the places where you can.

  1. Continuously changing Google Algorithm

    Google Algoritham

There are more than 4-5 algorithm updates happen every year. Please find the details for some of them are below.


The year 2003- Florida update

The year 2005- Jagger Update, Big daddy Update,

The year 2009- Vince Update, Caffeine Update,

The year 2010- Mayday Update,

The year 2011- Panda Update

The year 2012- Page Layout Update, Venice update, Panda Update, Penguin Update,

The year 2013- Panda Update, Penguin Update, Payday Loan update, Hummingbird Update,

The year 2014- Page Layout update, Payday loan update, Panda Update,

The year 2015- Mobile update, Quality Update, Rank brian Update,

The year 2016- Panda core Algorithm, Mobile friendly, Unnamed Update

Year 2017- Intrusive Interstitial Update,Feb 1-7 Update, Fred Update ,Quality Update ,

The year 2018- Broad core Algorithm Update, Halloween Update,

The year 2019 – Valentine Day Update. March core update, June core Update, broad core Update, BERT update.

4.IS Google also changing Fast?

The Answer of this question is already mentioned above by seeing the algorithm update you can vouch how it has changed so far to update himself & best than other search Engine.

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  1. Immediate Fix Can land up you in trouble


Yes, you heard it right if you want to be an immediate fix for your SEO campaign. Then you will be surely in trouble.

Some famous promises companies or freelancers will make you get a client / Work from you.

We will rank your website in 3 months.

You will get the ranking in the only couple of months

We will surely give you this much traffic increase.

Then what is the best way to pave the path of success for our SEO campaign? We will see in details in the blog itself.


Now, let’s understand the What is Organic SEO stands from Organic SEO Services?

Organic SEO services are nothing but the approach of getting the rank of your desired keyword with Content Marketing. Optimizing web page for the keyword intent which they want to get solved with the Valuable content.


In Organic SEO services, the Campaign should be the KPI based on the conversion. Which will help to understand more about the real parameters to understand more about the Subject?

1.Organic Session

2.Ranking Improvement

3.Page Session

4.Bounce Rate

5.Leads / Conversion

6.Avg session Time

7.Page load time

8.Top Exit Pages


This above all the parameters will help you to understand how your campaign is performing.


Audit your Website

Identify the right keyword

Get your On-Page Optimization Perfect

Start Building Quality Backlinks

Develop a thoughtful content Strategy

Promote your Content

Monitor and Optimize your Content.

Audit Your Website:-

The website audit can be divided into subparts such as

Keyword analysis- are your there to tap your potential keyword with minimum time to get the result and many other topics that can be covered under your Industry. To help you there are many tools in the market few of them are paid rest are free. I am listing down them all.

Free Tool- 1.Google Trend


3.Answer the Public

4.Keyword Surfer


7.Google Search Console


9.Bulk keyword generator

  1. Google itself.


Paid Tools- 1.Ahref


3.Keyword everywhere




Any many others to add on the list.


  1. User Interface & User Experience Analysis

Here in this section, we need to do a UI & UX analysis which can be done by understanding the customer journey for our targeted audience.

3.Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis is consists of the below item which can be divided into sub-parts.which are listed below.



C.URL Analysis

D.On-Page Check

E.SEO equity

F.Google Search Console audit

G.Link Issue

H.Social Analysis

These are the few items to look for while doing a Technical Audit.

  1. Off-Page Analysis ( Backlink Analysis)-

This would be the backbone of the all SEO campaign where the basic route is changed into an Organic & Inorganic way of doing it.

There are many ways to build backlink but to get a ranking we need strong, Authoritative. Web-based backlink.

  1. Develop a Thoughtful Content Strategy

This is a basic fact which we always forget to draft a compelling Content strategy to work for achieving the desired result.

Content Marketing is nothing but the Piece of a marketing plan that continuously brings the content what you do & what kind of expertise we bring to our audience.

Content can be a form of – Text, Image, Video, & Video-based.


  1. Promote Your Content

Today in the very crowded world of the Internet every individual & company is creating the Content for their target audience. But few of them were able to reach with their audience.

It depends upon the Engagement as well which content we try to promote.

There are multiple levels where we can promote the content which we create.

1.Send an Email Broadcast.

2.Engage with community

3.Pay to promote

4.Reach out to social media

5.Use the influencer for outreach

6.Create Roundup events

7.Write for others.

  1. Monitor & Optimize Content

The most important fact is we need to monitor the performance of our content which we have created in detailed. The performance can be monitored in different ways.

How many page views we bring to the website with this Content?

Any specific action like form fill up or leads received from the content?

How many people we have reached with this ( Organic / paid)?


There are proven ways that help you to monitor web content performance.


  1. Why we have to go Organic Way?

We need to understand that the base of Organic Backlink creation is the content-based & growth that happened with the real strategy which is proven in the past.

When it comes to the inorganic this is completely unethical because Google does not promote such activity And considered it out their policy.

Lets under understand what are the inorganic ( Blackhat) way which you may come across.

Paid links

Spam comments

Duplicate Content

Article Spinning


Doorway pages

Keyword stuffing

Invisible text.

So this is the part of the black hat SEO technique which help you to boost your ranking and get you to result immediately. But wait any one google update come your all effort will go into waste.


  1. Which is the best way to go ahead while doing an SEO campaign.?

In our personal opinion, we prefer to go ahead with Organic SEO services

But it’s your personal choice to chose which way you want to proceed.


These are the proven ways of the Organic SEO services method which help you to get a good result. With this process we able to get result with all our client,

Case Study-

Industry – Food & Beverage.

Problems Facing-

1.Very competitive Industry

2.Low-Profit Margin

3.Customer Paradigm Shift

4.Not available Online

Getting Trapped in High inventory & Low Sale Cycle


Solution Provided-

1.A good looking interactive E-commerce Website.

2.Optimize Site for the good user Interface

3. Done the SEO for the low hanging Keyword.

4.Start the Google Ads.

5.Start Building Audience With the Help of Content Marketing


Case Study

Organic SEO services
Its result of Organic seo services done by our team to our client site


Let me know which one of the above ways you want to follow in your SEO campaign.

You can check our page which is dedicated give you detailed about “SEO company in Pune

If you want to know more & get the free audit of your website you can contact us.
















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