How to choose affordable SEO company in India

How to choose affordable SEO company in India


The Best Affordable SEO company is one who understands requirements & works with you to get the desired results.

Today we will see what are the best 7 Ways on which SEO companies are working. 

This will help the companies who are looking out for Whitelabel their SEO work in India. & Outsource for a one-time activity or hire the VA to a few of their internal tasks.

So let us know which method do you like most when you chose the company to hire for your SEO work.



  1. What is an SEO campaign?
  2. Who should outsource their work?
  3. What is the work you can outsource?
  4. How many ways you can get charged for your work?
  5. How to check the eye for your work?
  6. When can we expect the result?


Let us get started and get to know all the steps one by one.


  1. What are the SEO campaign

When we have decided to give the task of our SEO campaign to someone else or looking for a Virtual Assistance. We need to understand what it means.


  1. Local SEO
  2. National SEO
  3. International SEO
  4. E-commerce SEO
  5. Enterprise SEO
  6. Consultancies for Startup / Business / Blogger 

This is the few sub Campaigns are covered under one SEO campaign.


2. Who Should Outsource their Work-

Some people are looking for to Whitelabel their SEO work.


  1. Blogger- who can merely focus on content creation & lets the SEO Campaign can be outsourced.
  2. Small Companies- Small Companies that are tied up with the many activities who were not able to track their SEO campaign with the internal team or do not have sufficient knowledge to check their performance.
  3. Advertising / Web Development / Design Companies- These companies can white label their services to their existing clients while getting connect with other good SEO service companies by which they can increase their profits.
  4. Medium & Large Enterprise- The Companies always find it difficult to cater to the opportunity which arises in between whether they should Hire a Resource or Outsource it. In this case, they can help the companies who are ready to help them with a few of their extra activities.

3. What is the task we can outsource?

     Can we have a detailed task that can be divided into sub-task where we can focus on the only part which can be part of your SEO campaign?

Let’s see which are they.

  1. One time Service ( On-page Optimization)
  2. Website Audit and Content Audit.
  3. Off-Page Activity
  4. Link Building Campaign
  5. Outreach campaign
  6. Local SEO.
  7. Content Syndication
  8. Conversion rate Optimization.


  1. One Time Service ( On Page Optimization)-  


 Here Companies can give you the one time services which can be the optimization of the website concerning your SEO requirements. Which include the following activity.

This activity can be done one time only need not do repeatedly so you can get it done once & get started with other activity.

The Activity which is part of this activity

1.SERP research

  1. Keyword Research.
  2. URL Short exercise.

4.Clean Title Tag.

5.Optimizing Header Tags along with Meta Description.

6.Content Optimization.

7.Use of Multimedia

8.Image & alt attribute Description.

  1. Add Internal Linking
  2. Add Schema Markups

11.Answers FAQ

  1. Use the Mobile-First Index.


These are a few services can be part of your On-Page Optimization which we can cover in One-time activity.


2.Website And Content Audit-

2.Website Audit-

This audit covers all the details audit of all pages concerning




Title Tags

Meta Description

Robots.txt file


Image Alt Test

Inline CSS test

Google analytical Test




Social Media Test

B. Speed-


HTML compression

Site Loading Speed test

Page Object Test

Page Cache Test ( Server Side)

CDN Usage Test

Image, CSS, JavaScript Catching.

C. Server and Security-

Https Test

Safe Browsing Test

Server Signature Test

Directory Browsing Test


D.Mobile Usability

E.Advanced SEO-

404 Error Test Page

No index Tag Test

Canonical Tag Test

No, follow Tag Test

SPF record Test.


Content Audit-

In Content Audit we cover every page with its crawlable check & UI, UX response, CTA with optimized content. Customer Journey. Etc….


  1. Off-Page Activity-

There are many Off-page activities we should aim for but eventually after a few algorithm updates, we have concentrated on only a few activities that are giving us good results.

  1. Niche-specific Directory
  2. Press Release
  3. Article Submission
  4. Citation
  5. Guest Posting
  6. PR outreach for link building.

  1. Link Building Campaign-

    The link building campaign is the campaign which is the backbone of any SEO campaign. So we can outsource it to a few of the work to the desired Agency.


  1. Outreach Campaign-

 This campaign can be considered to be the one sub-campaign under the link building campaign where the dedicated Virtual Assistance would help you to outreach the desired industry expert & get back a link which you aim for.


  1. Local SEO-

   This campaign is one service in itself where all the sub-activity such as 

  1. Building Citation
  2. Set up the GMB 
  3. Getting review
  4. Taking the Backlinks 

And few others can be outsourced as a complete service with any company or hire the resource who can do the same activity under your guidance to be part of your VA team.

  1. Content Syndication-

     Content Syndication is nothing but to amplify your existing content with all other platforms where you can expect to gain the traffic & convert it to your prospect customers.


  1. Conversion Rate Optimization- 

   CRO ie. conversion rate optimization comes into play only when your website is getting traffic but not getting a conversion. 

Hereby optimizing few web pages you can improve your conversion which can be done by any other agency or by the VA.


4. How many ways you can get charge for your work?

  There merely 7 different ways by which any SEO company charges their client. Let’s see which are they.

  1. Fixed Pricing-( per month)

Here the pricing is fixed based on the scope of work, which can be varied to $500-$5000 per project.

  1. Project-Based Pricing ( Complete )-

This pricing is done by one time only by considering the scope of work. where the company takes the 6-12 months payment as an advance payment.

This type of pricing only works when you have a trusted partner.

  1. Value-Based Pricing- 

In this pricing, the company charges based on the Value proposition they add as a company to the client. 

Best eg- the Gary vee agency which charges the basis of value propositions given by Garyvee. Which itself is a brand.

     2. Performance-based Pricing- 

Here the performance-based pricing the company may ask its vendor company to pay after an increase in the sales by 15-30%. Etc …and in exchange company will ask for the stake or % as commission in the overall deal.

      3. Retainer Based Pricing-( per month)

This pricing is helpful both of the companies where the company would charge the Retainer price which could be a range of $300- $2500 where no of hr are fixed & task too.

       4. Point-Based Pricing- 

Here the pricing is based on point given to each task assigned to the vendor company. you get charged for work they do. 

The point can be ranged from 0-10 scale.

        5. Hourly Based Pricing-

This is one of the oldest among all option which industry follow. It is easy to use where both companies get to know how much they have worked & How much they can be charged for 

The Charges can be varied from $50-$500 per hr. It depends upon the company whom you are given the task.


  1. How to check the Eye on your work-

         The best option is to get the vendor team & your team on one single project management platform. Where your every activity can be tracked by your team.

Where vendor company can share their work on a weekly / monthly basis along with few hr call consultations.


  1. When Can We Expect the Result-

 This is the most common Question everyone has in their mind. Yes, it again depends upon the scope of work but with our past few years’ works.

We can expect the result in 6-12 months for ranking.

You would get ranking in 6-8 months depends upon

The difficulty of niche, competition. How Google is ranking other websites. Etc….

But to leverage the most ROI from your campaign you can expect in 12 months.


To know more about how do we get the ranking for our client to connect with us.




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