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How To Find A Trusted SEO Company in Pune

trusted SEO Company in Pune

Hello Friends,

This Blog is for the Businessmen, Small, Medium Enterprise, & Startup, & Bloggers who are looking for to get the solution for the trusted SEO company in Pune for their website  & Entrepreneur who want to capitalize the Google Search by dominating the SERP with SEO Campaign.

In this blog, you will find the exact way how a trusted SEO Company in Pune should work & how we are working seamlessly to get the result Step by Step with detailed SOP which you can rightly implement.

Nowadays everyone become the SEO expert but the real problem is how to find the genuine one?

Yes, we will help you to identify the Real Expert who really follows the process & help you to get the result.

First, understand the types of SEO Campaign by trusted SEO Company in Pune perform.

  1. Local SEO Campaign
  2. National SEO Campaign
  3. International SEO Campaign.
  4. E-Commerce SEO Campaign
  5. YouTube SEO
  6. App Store Optimization.

Now understand one by one-

  1. Local SEO Campaign-

Here in this campaign SEO Companies focus the keyword which is Local based.

Like “ City+ Keyword”Best SEO Company in Pune

“ Keyword+ in + City”



Where in this situation the dominance of Local area, which will help to cater to the user of the local area.

There are all the prospect keywords are based out of a particular city-based solution.

So, more is the populated city, more is the search volume & more the competition.

The best example is why Google is going to micro searches. Like:- City+Product+Near me


Only “ Near Me”

  1. National SEO Campaign-

Here in this type of the campaign, the keywords are more National or Multi-city or more than the 2-3 city.National SEO Company in Pune

The Product/services are more country-specific or having the scope of the search in many cities & Avg Search volume should be more than 500 per month.

You can check also  this digital marketing agency.

Then only we can scale this campaign national wise.

  1. International SEO Campaign

Here in this campaign “Any campaign operated by other country Marketer to get it ranked on other Search Engine or, other countries specific Search Engine. Global SEO company in Pune

We are naming the few which are popular.

  1. Google
  2. Bing
  3. Yahoo
  4. com
  5. com
  6. Baidu
  7. WolframAlpha
  8. Duckduckgo
  9. Internet active
  10. Yandex

Eg- Country + TLD

Country + Language + TLD

Language + TLD + Language parameter.


  1. E-Commerce SEO Campaign–  Ecommerce SEO Company in Pune

It’s not different from other SEO campaigns. But yes it does matter every right move towards optimization of your site will bring you good leads.

yes…It’s all about the optimizing right product.

  1. YouTube SEO-  YouTube SEO company in Pune

Yes, SEO of your uploaded Video. People who are updating the videos daily.

  1. App Store Optimization-

Here this Optimization can be started at the time of the Development. As optimization of App can go hand in hand which can save your time.  AppStore SEO Company in Pune

Below are the few key points we mention which can be catered while the development is in progress.

  • Find the Right app store keyword.
  • Put the App store keywords in the right places.
  • Convert Visitors to Users.
Let’s Find the Current Problem faced on the other side of the table who don’t understand the Search Engine Optimization.


  1. They look for trusted SEO Company in Pune, who can deliver the Results?
  2. They do not know to track the SEO Result?
  3. What should be SEO Campaign KPI?
  4. They are not known to SEO work progress?
  5. How much time does it take to Rank the website?
  6. How long does it last once it gets ranked?

Now let’s understand the answer to your raised question one by one.

  1. Who is trusted SEO Company in Pune, Who can deliver the Results?

Yes, it’s the most common question we are asked by many clients. Yes, any person can be claimed to be an SEO expert.

But we urged you all to check the work before you trust them.

Here are the few of our previous work you can embark upon.

And wait there is more to come.

As a famous expert said, SEO is nothing but the “Work done with the predefined process to achieve your Business Goals.

Few of the processes we follow in our company to get the desired result.

  1.  Learning
  • Discovery Process.
  • Analytics Audit.
  • Industry landscaping.
  • Technical Website Audit.
  • Competitive Research.
 2. Planning:-
  • Keyword Opportunity Mapping.
  • Audience Persona Creation.
  • Competitor Link Audit.
  • Link Opportunity Mapping
  • Topical Research Content.
  • Link Creation Calendar
  • Content Creation Calendar.
  • Final Campaign Strategy.


3. Adjustment:-
  • Execute Technical Update.
  • Execute Analytics Update.
  • Begin Ongoing Content Calendar.
  • Set Up Persona for Outreach.
4. Growth:-
  • Content Optimization.
  • Organic Content Promotion
  • Skyscraper Outreach for content.
  • Outgoing Link Outreach.
  • Link Building Campaign.
  • Reporting, Analytics, & Consulting.

With this predefined process, we, as the trusted SEO Company in Pune help our customer to understand each & every process.


  1. If they don’t know to track the Result

We help our clients to Track the progress with our weekly reporting method. Where our clients can track the results very easy & have a talk with one of our executives.

  1. What should be the SEO campaign KPI?

Below is the well-known KPI of Any SEO campaign should be.

  1. Organic Session.
  2. Keyword Ranking Increases.
  3. Leads / Conversion.
  4. Bounce Rate.
  5. Pages / Session
  6. Average session Duration
  7. Page Load Time.
  8. Top Exit Pages.
  9. Crawl Errors.

Conclusion- Google & other Crawler need to visit & Access the Site content without any hustle.

  1. Do not understand how SEO work progress

Yes, it is but obvious that when we are paying for any service, we expect the result too. We might get panicked whether work is in the right path or not.

Or else I will be just the same place where I have started the wheel. To give all satisfactory answers to above all concerned raised questions.

We have solutions. We believe what we see. So in our own method, you actually see the progress.

It builds your confidence and trust on us as well that your business is in the right hands and trusted SEO company in Pune.

  1. How much time does it take to rank the website?

Yes, this is the most common question we are asked by all our Clients? But eventually, there is no perfect answer to this question.    SEO Company in Pune

As every business is different

The Business Customer life cycle is different.

But to get some gist of your question here we come up with few guidelines for ranking factors.

A. Location (National, Local, Hyperlocal )

The difficulty gets less & less to hyperlocal

Expect few searches like “Near Me“getting good no. of search volume day by day.

B. Keyword Difficulty-How much is the well authoritative site had been occupied for the said keyword in the SERP?


C. How much does it take to become trustworthy to Google or Search Engines Eye? Generally, it depends on how your content is being consumed by your targeted audience & how much they like to link back.


D. Authority Mode – The Time required for Google or Search Engine for you to be considered an Authority in your Niche.


So our job is to make your Site Trustworthy & Authoritative

  1. How long does it going to last long once it’s get ranked?

As long as you have to use the legal way to get the link back to your website. It will stay for a good period. Unless there is any Google update & your competitors does not take you down by creating more value, Authority, & Trust in Google eye.

So to remain at the top you have to add more value to your customer than just to get there.

So the game continues, if you want to cherish the fruit of your efforts.

Hope we help you understand your concern about how to choose the trusted SEO Company in Pune.

We help the business to achieve their Business Goals with the help of SEO for more details get in touch with us.

Contact- amol@edigibrands.com


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Amol Tolbande founder & CEO of Edigibrands only SEO Agency helps the Startup, Small & Medium enterprise to achieve their business goals with his wide extensive knowledge of SEO.


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