Case Study 8

Company Overview

Gujarat Associates has been established in the year 2001 which offers Income Tax Services to the people who are in the small and medium sector. The company is well known for VAT registration and filing solutions, Income tax return filing consultations and Service Tax consultations. Gujarat Associates offers services such as GST Consultation, Bookkeeping services, company registration services, loan property consultation service and related. The company also offers services for the business in getting a new Pan Card.

The Story/ Challenge

The main objective of Gujarat Associates is to increase the sales conversion through organic search traffic and to minimize the bounce rate by optimizing the website funnel. When we have analyzed the website, we have found that the website suffers from minimal and outdated content and also it suffers from non-responsiveness to mobile devices. This is the main reason behind the website where the users tend to exit from the website as soon as they enter it.

At the early stage, the website doesn’t drive much traffic from the organic search as their business-related keywords are not performing well in the search results. We took this opportunity to optimize the website to reach its target audience by increasing speed, creating business-specific and unique content and optimizing SEO techniques.

The Strategy

There are a huge number of businesses operate it function in India and every business requires income tax, GST, bookkeeping and other related services. So the market is wide open for Gujarat Associates and we have to pick the perfect spot to target the desired audience. Our experienced SEO professionals have analyzed each and every aspect and built a perfect SEO strategy to help the business to increase their conversion rate.

We have analyzed the competitors to understand in deep about the business facts. Then we have recommended the vital and traffic-generating keywords for the business. With the incorporation of keywords, we have created business-specific content for each and every service they offer. We have optimized all the on-page SEO factors including URL, Meta title, description, image and web code optimizations to increase the visibility and performance of the website.

Once all the on-page factors are taken care of, we have created a perfect flow for off-page techniques which involves creating quality links by blog commenting, forum posting, classified submission, business listing, bookmarking, directory submission and more to increase the ranking of the traffic generating keywords.

Long-term Results

This perfect strategy and dedicated SEO professionals have rewarded Gujarat Associates with the perfect result that they have expected. From the result, they have reached 70% increase in organic traffic as most of the traffic-generating keywords are positioned in top pages. In addition to that, the website reduced its bounce rate by 50% and their conversion is increased up to 40% in the first 6 months.

Here is the list of keywords which we have ranked in the search engine for the website:

Search Engine Ranked Keywords

  • Import Export License in Bangalore
  • Import-export license provider Bangalore
  • Partnership Registration Consultants In Bangalore
  • service tax consultants Bangalore
  • VAT consultant Bangalore
  • Income tax consultants Bangalore
  • Tax consultants Bangalore
  • Profession Tax Consultants In Bangalore
  • Auditors in Bangalore
  • Pan Card Consultants In Bangalore
  • Book Keeping In Bangalore
  • Company Registration Consultants in Bangalore
  • Vat registration Bangalore
  • Company registration in Bangalore


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