Case Study # 7

Company Overview

Indian Hackers Club is one of the leading IT security solutions providers who offer comprehensive solutions for Cyber Threats from Hackers, Malware, Blacklisting, and annihilate the accident from assorted vulnerabilities including the enlisted Top OWASP threats. They offer the IT security solutions include website malware removal, mobile application security, source code audit and server security hardening.

The Story/ Challenge

When we have initialized the SEO process for Indian Hackers Club, we have noticed that the website structure and content needs a lot of improvements to make it SEO friendly. In addition to that, the website doesn’t generate any of organic traffic locally or internationally. The client has targeted the keywords in which most of them have low search volume and the difficulty seems to be higher.

The contents in the web pages are also not optimized along with the target keywords which make them stay back in the search engine results. As the web pages are not SEO friendly, it made difficult for the search engines to access the web pages. So, there are lots of improvisations to be made on the website to achieve search engine rankings and also to increase the qualitative leads towards their business.

The Strategy

To make things possible, our SEO professionals have analyzed a lot and came up with a perfect strategy to increase the organic traffic towards the website. Our unique SEO strategy includes:

  • Analyzing the traffic worth keywords which can actually bring quality leads to the business.
  • Our content development team created fresh contents for each and every web page which are incorporated with high search volume keywords in a natural way.
  • Carried on with all the on-page techniques including website structure optimization, page speed optimization, image optimization, website code optimization, meta tags optimization and many others.
  • After all the on-page optimizations works are completed, we have analyzed the niche related website to create backlinks to the website.

As all the web optimization process is going in a professional manner, the client has felt that they are having their own in-house SEO department to offer them a hassle-free solution. Our dedicated and professional SEO team members helped us to achieve the search engine rankings for Indian Hackers Club in a short period of time.

Long Term Results

Within 3 months there was a clear indication that the SEO performance of Indian Hackers Club was kicking into gear. The effective workflow and website optimization have consistently improved the search engine rankings for the desired keywords. The partnership with the leading SEO Company in Pune helped our client in boosting their overall business development. The organic traffic also has been increased to about 120% higher in the first 6 months.

Here is the list of keywords which we have ranked in the search engine for the website:

Search Engine Ranked Keywords

  • Hacking services Amritsar
  • Hacking services Kerala
  • Hacking services Dubai
  • Hacking services Odisha
  • Hacker in Arunachal Pradesh
  • Buy hackers India
  • Buy hackers Dubai
  • Hacker in Uttarakhand
  • Hacking services Turkey
  • Hacking services India
  • Hacking services Delhi
  • Hacking services Gujarat
  • Hacking services Nigeria
  • Hacking services Chandigarh
  • Hacking services Bangalore
  • Hacking services Hungary
  • Hacking services Taiwan
  • Hacking services Mumbai
  • Hacker in Ludhiana
  • Hacking services Singapore
  • Hackers in India
  • Continues…


The client has felt very happy with the results such as the increase in organic traffic and search engine rankings. Being the best SEO Company in Pune, we work with our full potential to deliver the optimal results to all our clients.