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What is a B2B lead generation agency?

A B2B lead generation agency helps businesses solve challenges like aligning sales and marketing units, hiring the right talent, generating quality leads, creating a healthy sales pipeline, and shortening sales cycles. They offer expertise in demand creation, buyer’s journey mapping, and go-to-market strategies.

As we know the business has many problems from leads to managing suppliers, teams, and w. Longer Sales Cycle, more education for customers and many more like this.

A B2B Demand Generation Agency would help to solve a few of them.

As we know below are the detailed list of problems every B2B organization faces.

detailed list of problems every B2B organization faces.

  1. Not having Alignment of Sales & Marketing Units-

    This is a common problem though in every organization but it is exposed more in B2B. Because here in the B2B customer sales cycle is long. And generating quality leads is the real issue. but if you clear the roles & responsibility of them then it becomes very easy. As role of the Marketing team to create demand. & Role of the Sales team to capture that demand.

  2. Hiring the right talent for sales & Marketing-

    Again this is not a problem if you know what to expect from the person on day 1. So it becomes easy to set the KPI & start delivering results.

  3. Generating Quality Leads-

    Generating high-quality leads for your business is a real task and only a few companies are able to do it consistently.

  4. Creating the Healthy Sales Pipeline-

    The healthy pipeline is nothing but a good number of qualified leads compared to the non qualified leads. And a healthy ratio is a good sign of business growth.

  5. Very long Sales Cycle-

    All businesses have different sales cycles depending upon the product ticket size. The larger the ticket size the longer the sales cycle. It varies from 1,3,6 or 12 months as well.

  6. Losing Prospect’s interest very early-

    It shows in a recent survey done by our team that if the prospect is not educated properly it may lose interest in your service/product in a very early stage.

  7. Prospect Don’t respond-

    If the prospect doesn’t respond to your email/phone call or not showing up to the meeting it means he has lost interest in your offer. Either he had chosen the competition over your product or he may have changed his mind for buying decisions.

  8. Implementing Account-Based Marketing-

    Companies tend to forget by implementing ABM(Account-based Marketing) on the customer. It gives more responses and books qualified appointments as compared to any vague campaign.

  9. Creating engaging content-

    Most businesses were unable to create engaging content for their ICP which talk’s about the problem of the customer. This type of content not only resonates but also helps them to book qualified leads.

  10. Using the right Technology Stack-

    A marketing technology stack is a grouping of technologies that marketers leverage to conduct and improve their marketing activities.

Below is a few stack eg- ( CRM, EMail Marketing, CMS, Content Marketing Tool, Analytics Tool, Social Media etc)

With this many problems in hand they were really frustrated to create the continus lead flow for their business.

Importance of lead Generation for your Business

 Importance of lead Generation for your Business

 A recent survey done by an agency shows that businesses that have lead generation may grow their business by more than 133% compared to those who don’t have a lead generation process.

Many of them know how important it is to grow your business. 

How lead generation can help you build customer & cash flow-

Lead generation quickly helps you build the cash flow for your business. Which can be handled while building a team or scaling the product or services.

Here are a few ways which can help you generate the leads.

Organic Method-

  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Long form of Video ( Youtube)
  • Direct Mail / Cold Email.


Paid Method-

  • Google Ads 
  • Social Ads
  • Creating Funnel with Paid Ads


How many leads do you need to scale your business

How many leads do you need to scale your business

There is a right way to go ahead to scale your business and to find out how many leads you can generate per month for business.

But there is a scientific way of going to answer this question. As we know it may differ from product to product and industry as well.

TAM- Total Addressable Market / Total Available Market

SAM- Service Available Market.

SOM- Service Obtainable Market.

TAM– Total Addressable area means the total demand of the product which holds for including all your competitors.  It helps you to define the scope of growth for the market. & how much market share we can gain over the competitors.

Let us understand this by example. You are selling one product that costs you $10/- and you sell around 10 pieces in a month but the total sales combined with your competitors is $ 100k so you have a total Available market for growth of $100k which can give you enormous growth potential.

How should one Calculate?

TAM = Total No of customer ✖ Annual Contract Value of customer

SAM– Service Available Market this market means the area in which you can give service. or you can expand your product/service.

Due to many factors we cant expand more than our capacity this could be something like funds , resources or any other issues.

Help you reduce the target market potential and get the specified limited market demand and get hold of it.

How should one calculate the SAM?

SAM = Target Segment of TAM ✖ Annual Contract Value of customer

SOM- Service Obtainable Market This market means the area in which you can actually serve your customer. And come to know who is your ideal customer and where they are lying.

To calculate the SON we should have last year Market Share multiplied by this year SAM ie. service Addressable market share.

How should one calculate the SOM?

SOM = Last year’s Market share  ✖ This year SAM.

To understand this lets go by example. To get more we need to calculate the first market share of the last year.

Your last year’s SAM was $100k & your rev was $40K so it comes down to (40%) of the market share of total SAM.

And this year SAM is $200k to and multiply that by .40 which comes to $ 80k. So this year your SON is $80k.

Hope it helps to understand you better.

Simply getting leads will not solve your problem?

Simply getting leads will not solve your problem?


Yes, simply getting more leads does not solve your problem. As you know even if you get more leads but eventually they should convert to you as a paying customer.

Then what will solve your problem?

Demand Creation of your product or service

Because there are many incidents where you might have a large no of data pool but not able to close either of any leads.


To get more on that we need to understand the  buyer’s journey first.


As in B2B the buyer’s journey is not linear in B2B it varies product to product and industry wise as well.

How does the buyer’s journey define?

It is a complete process of understanding how buyers go through starting from the awareness stage , then the evaluation stage and then the consideration stage or buying stage.

  1. Awareness stage ( Demand Creation Stage)-

As this stage is the very initial stage of your buyers where they initially might not be searching for a solution for their product or just looking out for a similar company who can satisfy at first go.

But when we think from the company or marketing point of view we see this as an opportunity because we want to expand our awareness/name of the company or product to a larger audience so that they come to know who we are.

Here you should create the below type of content-

  1. Launching your Podcast
  2. Create your Newsletter
  3. Conduct the Webinar
  4. Doing Guest Post
  5. Creating a long form of Detailed YouTube video.
  6. Social Media Ads
  7. Content Marketing
  8. Account Based Marketing
  9. Live event / Trade Shows
  10. To be a Speaker in the event.

These all above activities will help you create your own product and service with unique demand. Which will be catered by you only.

  1. Consideration Stage ( Demand Capturing Stage)

In this stage people start recognising your content and start engaging content and participate in your content by commenting and sharing your post or article / Video.

Here in this stage the buyer has agreed to your point, yes whatever you are saying is absolutely true and you can be his first choice when he is ready to buy from you.

Below are the content types which help them to make their decision-

  1. Paid Ads ( Search)
  2. Search Engine Optimization- Branded search
  3. Review Sites- Capterra, G2, Seaworthy, Trustpilot etc…
  4. High Intent Website traffic leads / on product page / Sale Pages.

This person would require you to be easy to find and buy, And targeting the right people.

  1. Buying Stage ( Convert the Demand)-

Here we see the people who are looking to buy from you and what stage. As the above two stages would help them understand who you are and what you do and how your product / service can help them to solve their burning problem.

Here are a few indicators which you should keep in mind while taking buyers on this journey.

  1. Search Impression share- the campaign will be running the google campaign.( Branded campaign Vs Competitors campaign Vs Non brand Intent campaign) to find out how much market share you gain.
  2. High intent Website Traffic- Increasing the traffic to high intent pages like product pages, promotion pages, pricing page or Demo pages. Definitely going to help you get more Sales.
  3. Free Trial Upgrades- the free trial to your saas products which convert it into your paid customer. And how much is the win ratio out of free trial.
  4. SQL to Close Win Rate- How many sales close happen out of our Sales Qualified leads. And gave us the revenue.
  5. Checkout Rate- How many people are still buying your product even after leaving the cart page.
  6. Sales Cycle Duration- It helps you create a quicker buy & reduce the friction.
  7. CLV- Customer lifetime value this would help to increase the price of the customer revenue over a period of life- time. 


How to shorten the Sales Cycle?

There are many routes but here are few I believe can help you shorten the sales cycle.

How to shorten the Sales Cycle?

  1. Identify the pain point
  2. Choose them wisely when they are ready to buy.
  3. Understand their requirement in detailed & thoroughly
  4. Handle the objection in a swift manner.
  5. Set the clear plan of expectation 
  6. Make small & achievable goals and share the winning with prospects.
  7. Share your journey and what they can expect from you.
  8. Share your case studies as social Proof.
  9. Create the proper onboarding Process as personalization.
  10. Don’t forget to add them in the CRM.

These are the top 10 things that would be the priority of any sales team to shorten their sales cycle.

Go to Market

What is the right way to Launch your GTM ( Go to Market)  for your product or service?


As we have seen from the above explanation we can see there are many ways but we can use few to start with. And the stage of your company is going through it.

You have to go with the approach of GTM ( Go to Market Strategies) it would help you when you are doing.

  1. Launching a new product in the new market.
  2. Launching a new product in an existing market.
  3. Or Launching the old product in a new Market.

These are some scenarios which would help you to launch your GTM ( Go to Marketing strategy) over other marketing campaigns.

Follow the below steps to create your GTM ( Go to Marketing Srategy)

steps to create your GTM

  1. Identify your core problem.
  2. Clearly define whom you are going to target ( ICP)
  3. Does your product have demand already?
  4. Define your Positioning ( Messaging)
  5. Identify the buyer’s journey.
  6. Pick the right sales Channel.
  7. Create objective-based Goals
  8. Define the right KPI to measure success.

How do you know your company needs an external expert like any agency

How do you know your company needs an external expert like any agency?

We should know when we need external expertise rather than wasting our time to try and hit methods to save our funds.

Instead, we merely invest our precious time. But here are a few indicators which can help to guide if you need experts’ help in your campaign or not.

help in your campaign or not.

  1. If you have a sales cycle which is more than 180 days.
  2. If you have ACV ( Avg Contract value is greater than $10K)
  3. If you have hybrid products  like eg- Product + Training + Consulting.
  4. If you have multiple industry buyers
  5. Your Current ICP accounts are less than 5000 in the total market.

So if your product comes under this category kindly take the expert help rather than wasting your time upgrading your team’s skill set. 

Whom we can help to create the demand.

Whom we can help to create the demand.

  • B2B Product Based Companies.
  • B2B niche specific IT companies.
  • Manufacturing Companies.
  • HVAC companies.
  • B2B service based companies.
  • B2B consulting companies.

So we can help you to Do the complete Demand generation for your product / service. book a call with us to see if we can be right and fit for each other.


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