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I know what you were looking for “Best SEO Company in Pune” Right? But let me ask you question?


  1. Do you really understand, How SEO can benefit your business?


  1. Does it really solve your problem?


  1. Does it help you to get the number of leads to your business?


  1. How will you improve your sales Pipeline?


To understand it more deeply, let me take you back in old days. How did Search Engine form?


To understand it better! Earlier in the Landline Telephone Era we used to have the telephone directory, which was nothing but the previous version of Search Engine but in digital form, where all the information is kept or indexed by the search engine. When a user enters search query in search engine, Search engine starts crawling its directory for the relevant indexed pages and provide you the relevant results for your query.


Why do you have to know Search Engine directory well?


As we all know, in this digital era everyone searches for anything on search engine like Google, say if it is related to hotel, restaurant, and any specific service, house on sale/rent or any day to day queries or, “SEO company in Pune” as per your requirement. Anything in mind, search on Google, that’s become a regular habit for everyone out here. So does it help our businesses? Yes it does, let’s see how


  1. How SEO benefits business?                         
  1. Low in Cost: – Yes you can expect to

get the business for free. Yes, you heard it right it’s totally free, once you are on the first page of Google for desired keyword. But to get on first page of Google, you need to hire the SEO experts, the best SEO Company in Pune.


  1. Boosts Traffic: – SEO activity by SEO Company in Pune will give you unlimited leads/opportunities once you get the traffic. SEO drives dedicated traffic to the business which can be converted as per requirement.


  1. Cost Effectiveness: – This traffic is the most cost effective compare to any other way to get the business.

It’s definitely not free until the website is on first page of SERP as it is taking a lot of effort by SEO professionals, SEO Company in Pune to make it to the 1st page of Search Engine to meet the demands of the traffic and query like product/services people are looking for on search engine.


  1. Brand Awareness: – As you rank high on Google simultaneously your visibility increase, which further improves your brand awareness & this comes free of cost.


Hope you are with me till now…..


Let’s talk about the second thing that is


  1. Does it really solve the problem?

We must think like a user who is looking for the best result/solution for his/her query.

So next question comes how do you search?

There are merely 4 types of questions people generally ask to any search engine.

  1. Informational Search Query.
  2. Comparison Search Query.
  3. Transactional Search Query.
  4. Navigational Search Query.


Let’s see one by one what does it mean?

  1. Informational Search Query: – Query to find some information. Result or information of such query must be relevant to satisfy user’s search.

Let’s understand by example to make it clear.

“Men’s Sports shoe”

Here user is just looking for the intent to get the information about the Men sports shoe or looking to buy Men’s sports Shoe.


  1. Comparison Search Query: – This query a person does when he wants to compare two services or two products.

       This comparison helps him to make his buying process in very thorough manner where he wants detailed information on both products to confirm his choice of product or service.

       Let’s understand with above example only.

       “Men Sports shoe Nike Vs Adidas“, here person is confirmed about buying Men sports shoe but he only wants to know which brand shoe is as per his requirement and budget.


  1.  Transactional Search Query:-  This type of search query generally indicates that user is going to complete the transaction. Here this type of query may include the exact Brand Name or Product Name.

  In other world this people are the one who are going to buy immediate product or service which they are looking for.

 Now let’s go with the same above example.

   “Buy Nike men sports shoe” here person who is looking for shoe is intent to buy shoe specifically Nike sports shoe. His decision is already confirmed to go with Nike shoe only. He might be looking for some discounts or coupon.


  1. Navigational Search Query:-  A navigational search query is intent to find the particular things or location. Here are few positive things about navigational Query. It has very clear intent of product or services which they want to opt.

Eg, “Nike sports shoe shop near me” Here person is intent to buy Nike sports shoe only near his location. So, this query helps him find the product or service at his preferred location.

Now you have understood how the search engine works. Let’s go next & explore how it will benefit to get the leads.


  1. Does it help you to get the leads?

Yes this is main question for which every business is looking out for an answer.

As every business need abundant leads to run it smoothly for longer period.

But does the SEO solve an answer to the question; But Answer of the question lies above only.

Because it depends upon what do you search on search engine.

Yes once you get the dedicated traffic for the keyword for your Business. You will get the real person or business to get the service or product from your company.

  1. How will you improve your Sales Pipeline?

 Now Let’s first understand what is Sales Pipeline is all about?

This is nothing but the Sales Lead which helps you to build the Prospect in the pipeline to get the consistent Leads for the business.

Now you have understood the topic How the Best SEO Company in Pune can help you to get the Business.

Let’s find out which one delivers the result what you were looking for.

We have to understand the process first, because it does not only derives the result which you want from SEO Company in Pune but also the confidence to get it for yourself.

So let me ask you few questions how you will judge which SEO Company in Pune is better.

The below few points will give you an answer of your question.

  1. The process of understanding the work which they will be going to do to get the result.
  2. Any previous case study for the understanding of their work.
  3. Most importantly if they understand the Client Industry.   

So We, Edigibrands, Best SEO Company in Pune help clients by giving the clear picture of how their impact of website would be, even before starting the work. Below is the process which we follow.


  1. Process of 30-180 days strategy :-

Here in this process we deliver the clear cut roadmap to our client how we are going to start the activity & deliver the result step by step.

Please see the attached format how we will go ahead.


  1.  Case Study:-

       Below is the case study how we have achieved the result for the “B2B lead Generation Company in Pune” for the first page of Google.


  1. Understanding the Client Industry:-

      To understand any Industry we have to look after all the parameters of the industry you are work for.

  1. Understand the forces that work in the industry to help out company to identify threats & opportunities.
  2. Assessing the Market position of the company & other development of the company with respect to the competitors.
  3. Identify Future trends & direction required for the company to get the company ahead of the competition.

So these steps help us to understand not only the company but also the industry for which we work.


So what are you waiting for? Do you want your business to ran k for your desired keywords? Hire the Best SEO Company in Pune and get the desired ranking and traffic to your website.


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