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5 Lead Generation Services

5 Lead Generation Services

What is Lead?

In general, a lead is contact information, that is, the contact information of any targeted potential customer is called a lead. But this is not only that, that contact information should be from a person who is interested to invest his time in a product or buy it, which another person wants to sell. The people who are selected for this process are called leads.


  • Definition


A person targeted by a company or business who originally intended to purchase a product or service that it is targeted to sell is called a lead.

This is the simplest definition of a lead.

In general, people’s contact information for leads is kept, and stored in a database, so that leads can be used when needed.


  • Concept of Lead


The concept of lead is very simple. It is mainly generated by the salesperson and marketing percentage. That is, the concept of lead is different for a salesperson and a marketing person.

  • Concept of Lead for Sales Person

The concept of a lead for a salesperson is the bio-data of those people who are interested in buying something and are primarily interested in buying the thing that the salesperson wants to sell, to the contact information of such people. is called.

  • Concept of Lead for Marketing Person

Lead for marketing person means the bio-data of those people who can be targeted for marketing about a business or service or product so that they can get more information about that product and related product to know more about it by visiting its website or general store.

How the Lead Generation Process Works

Process of Lead Generation

The process of lead generation is not very difficult. But it depends on whether this lead generation is being done by this person, or by the marketing council. But basically, their process is the same.

  • For the process of lead generation, firstly a salesperson gathers all the good things about his product.
  • It has complete arranged data in front of it, in the same way, before doing lead generation for a marketing person, concerning any company, business, model, product, or any brand that they have to market. Collects complete information.
  • After this, the process of both is the same, for which both first determine how people to target or which people can be targeted to understand their product or business model.
  • After this, a complete list of such people is prepared through various types of platforms such as social media, email marketing, or SMS marketing.
  • A pool of related people is then created, and from that pool, it is determined which people are interested in buying which product, or are interested in understanding the business model.
  • Later all those people are separated one by one and kept in their category.
  • Even after this, the bio-data of all those people are extracted and their complete information is saved in a database so that they can be contacted when needed, and those leads can be used for marketing or sales.

This is how the whole process of Lead Generation works.

There are two types of lead generation-


  • B2B Lead Generation


The full meaning of B2B Lead Generation is Business to Business Lead Generation. This is a large and massive lead generation type. In this lead generation process, a business tries to sell its product or service to another business, or generates leads to sell.


  • B2C Lead Generation


B2C lead generation means business to customer lead generation. And in this basic, a customer is not affiliated with any business, that is, he is an independent person, who is targeted under a business module, so that he can be sold any product or service, such as Selling life insurance, selling mortgage, etc.

Method of the lead generation process

There are many types of methods of the process of reservation, but we will tell you the main five types of methods here, whose names are as follows-


  • Search Engine Marketing


Search engine marketing is a very widespread method of today’s time. Under this, the most important link of lead generation, which is called lead interest, is detected by the search engine. And for what kind of leads can be found for any of our products, we get to know about this through search engine marketing.


  • Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization is that method of the lead generation process, with the help of which we get a strong lead, due to which we know about the basic habit and complete routine of the contacts we have. And with this, we get to know about their basic interest.


  • Social Media


Social media has become a major part of the lead generation process these days. Social media is used extensively for lead generation because there are so many people we get together on social media, and over different types of posts, or different types of videos and contacts, we get a certain behavior. And it becomes very easy to meet interested people.


  • Display Ads


An advertisement or display Ad is a scheme with the help of which a method of the lead generation process is fully functional. The desired audience can be targeted through display aids within the lead generation process. Along with this, all those people can be used as a strong lead.


  • Offline Events


Offline events have become a type of lead generation these days because through offline events we can get physically such leads, about which we have complete knowledge. And we also know very well about Jin’s likes and dislikes.

B2C Lead Generation Process

Before knowing the B2C lead generation process, it is important to know what B2C lead generation is-


  • B2C lead generation definition


B2C lead generation is the process where a marketing person or a salesperson (but most likely a salesperson) targets a potential customer who cannot be originally associated with a business that is currently Are completely independent and is interested in buying a product through any business or any related company& the generation of the entire pool of such targeted audience is called B2C lead generation.

Now we want that what is the process of B2C lead generation-

The process of B2C lead generation is very common, in this content marketing, email list, paid search, search engine marketing, newsletter are found in many ways to find a customer. When that independent potential customer is interested in buying the product or service offered by a business, then the process of doing this whole search is called the B2C lead generation process.

When a person who is generating B2C leads as a salesperson finds a suitable B2C lead, then that salesperson expands a database of complete information and information about that lead and repeats this process with a flower.

That is, a whole crowd is being implemented above the B2C lead generation process, and later, whatever targeted potential customers are found, their resume is saved in the database, so that B2C potential leads can be used when needed.


  • Ways to generate B2C leads


 There are many ways to generate B2C leads, out of which these five methods are the most commonly used. and is commonly used because when you use 5 methods then you are left with very few avenues to use other methods. All these methods are inherent in all kinds of ways in which all those B2C lead generation processes can be covered.

Let us know about them-


  • Content Marketing


The method of generating B2C leads through content marketing is quite old, but it is a traditional method, with the help of which B2C leads can be generated. In this way, related content is marketed, so that different types of people can give their opinion regarding it, and later we can further hinder the process of generating them as leads by making the opinion of the people on the basis.


  • Email List


The email list itself is the ending phase of the B2C lead generation process. That is, when we use the B2C reservation process through email marketing, with the help of it, we get an email list, which we can use as a B2C lead. A very long and elaborate process is followed to get this email list. This is also part of a widely used lead generation process.


  • Paid Search


With Paid Search, we can accomplish the task of getting targeted and accurate B2C leads. That is, by making some payment on any software or search engine, we can get such optional features turned on for ourselves. With the help of which we do not have much problem in getting B2C leads. And it is easy to get leads from accurate and potential customers.


  • Influence Marketing


Influencer marketing is another name for social media marketing, with the help of which people are kept influencing their opinion with the help of different types of content and posts, and through their opinion, they get a lead. As the converting work is started. This is useful for doing lead targeting before lead generation. And when lead targeting is done, subsequent lead generation is left-handed.


  • News Letter


Newsletters are used to add large and potentially rich customers to your bucket list. Through this process, some big people and professional people are selected as leads. It is not too difficult to do but in general people avoid using newsletter, as it gives a success rate of only 5%.


  • Other


Even after all this, many such processes can be used for the lead generation process, such as – Offline Event Management, Telephonic Marketing, Internet Marketing, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, etc.


  • B2C Lead Generation Industry


Many names can be included in B2C lead generation industries. But we will tell you 15 such names here which can prove to be the best example of the B2C reservation industry. Their names are as follows-

  1. Aerospace Industry
  2. Automotive Industry
  3. Custom Brokerage Industry
  4. Defense Industry
  5. Education Industry
  6. Entertainment Industry
  7. Health Care Industry
  8. Hospitality Industry
  9. Information Technology Industry
  10. Logistics Industry
  11. Manufacturing Industry
  12. Pharmaceutical Industry
  13. Retail & E-Commerce Industry
  14. Telecommunication Industry
  15. Insurance Industry



In today’s article, we have mentioned some deep information about lead generation services. Also, we have mentioned many examples of the B2C Lead Generation Industry. If you are considering taking advantage of B2C Lead Generation Services, then we will be happy to help you in this matter. Please contact us in this regard.

Thank You.

Amol Tolbande

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